2018-08-25 poster final

Saturday, August 25, 2018 – 7:00pm

As Above, So Below: Senso di Voce @ Silo City

Marine “A” Elevator
Silo City Row
Buffalo, NY 14203

Tickets: $5 – $15 sliding scale

To purchase tickets using a credit card, go to our Brown Paper Tickets page here! Tickets will also be available for cash at the door, as long as there are seats remaining.

Senso di Voce returns to Silo City for a third summer, presenting a new concert that connects early music across geographical regions and with contemporary sonorities. The duo crafts an immersive, site-specific concert experience that dialogues with the extraordinary sonic and architectural spaces inside the silos.

Q&A to follow performance

PLEASE NOTE: Wheelchair access is available upon advance request. Please contact Jim Watkins at


“O Oriens” – Traditional (Plainchant)

“Close Thine Eyes” – Henry Purcell (1688, England)

“Oculus non vidit” – Orlando di Lasso (1577, Belgium)

“Akav Birhateha” – Isaac Varon (Maftirim tradition, Turkey)

“Arsala ‘ilah” – Traditional (Maronite tradition, Syria)

“Simeron genvatai ek Parthenou” – Traditional (Byzantine/Greek Orthodox)

“O Rex Gentium” – Traditional (Plainchant)

“Ekleipsis” – Archilochus, trans. Conrad Steinmann (c. 650 BCE, Greece)

“Sitot me soi” – Folquet do Marseille (late 1100s, France)

“Planino Pirin” – Traditional (Pirin-Macedonia, Bulgaria)

The theme of this year’s concert is “As Above, So Below,” with an emphasis on music that describes celestial bodies and astronomical phenomena. From an ancient Greek song responding to a solar eclipse, to a plainchant honoring the morning star, to religious pieces glorifying heaven’s abundance, these works showcase humanity’s fascination with the sky, both sacred and secular. The maxim “As Above, So Below” invokes the Hermetic tradition, in which investigation into the nature of the universe was both scientific and religious, with alchemy, astronomy, and theurgy intertwined. According to this tradition, music was seen as a reflection of the heavens, and the phenomena of acoustics were as important as the aesthetics of melody. Taking these ideas as inspiration, the duo thoroughly investigates the acoustic properties of the music they perform and the spaces they perform within, as well as the interactions between vocal and instrumental vibrations and timbres. They bridge sacred and secular, ancient and modern, with a concert of music that “looks up” to the cosmos from within the post-industrial cathedral of Silo City.

Senso di Voce explores relationships among the early music of varied but historically linked geographical regions, as well as the connection between these sonic worlds and contemporary musical sounds and spaces. The composed pieces performed on the concert are linked with structured improvisations, while the acoustic properties of the silos themselves act as a third instrument. The duo moves through the space throughout the performance, finding different reflective positions in the venue and forming ever-changing antiphonal relationships. The result is an immersive musical and spatial experience that illuminates and recontextualizes the spiritual and meditative repertoire performed.



Megan Mette 2017 postcard

Design credit: Megan Metté

Senso di Voce @ Silo City – Perot Elevator – Friday, August 11, 2017

Senso di Voce @ Silo City – Marine “A” Elevator – Friday, July 21, 2017

Maryam Muliaee:Mani Mehrvarz 2016

Photo credit: Maryam Muliaee / Design credit: Mani Mehrvarz

Senso di Voce @ Silo City – Marine “A” Elevator – Saturday, July 23, 2016