Happening now:

Senso di Voce,

Sounding Spaces: Passage
six speaker sound installation
sound exciters, amplifiers, foam board, wire
15’42” minutes, looped

at the Frontispace Gallery at the Art and Music Library of University of Rochester
Feb. 10 – Mar. 3

Our music has always sought to build transformative passageways:
to join ancient and new, to connect across geographies and cultural traditions, to weave together the familiar and unfamiliar. In Frontispace we have the opportunity to create inside a literal passageway, a space that carries visitors through an art experience as they travel to and from the Art and Music Library.

We have chosen to generate the sounds of the installation using exciters,
a type of audio transducer that amplifies sound by generating vibrations in physical surfaces. These transducers and their resonators form an additional passageway, as the recorded sounds of our duo are transformed from electrical signals through the motion of each exciter into the vibrations of six foam board squares. Finally, the squares are positioned all around the gallery, passing the sound through the acoustical space of the gallery room itself.

During each step,
the conversion is imbued with the characteristics of the object doing the converting, and so the resulting sounds are indelibly changed. A visitor walking through the space will hear the sonic results of these transformations in a spatialized way, with the sounds interacting and changing as the visitor moves.

Sounding Spaces: Passage in Frontispace extends the passages we build in our live performances, through new layers of transforming materials, to create an experience that resonates the transitional space between the past and the now.

— Open to visitors between Feb. 10 – Mar. 3. Please note that the visitors to UR’s campus are currently required to wear an N95 or KN95 mask.

Most Recent:

Senso di Voce,
in collaboration with the Memorial Art Gallery,

Sonic Impressions

a concert and talk inspired by Renaissance Impressions:
Sixteenth-Century Master Prints from the Kirk Edward Long Collection.

In Sonic Impressions,
we are highlighting intersections among
the sacred, grotesque, and sublime through musical explorations!”

— SdV

Sunday, February 6, at 2 pm (EST)
FREE Online concert streaming

+ Join us in Q&A & hear Senso di Voce in interview!

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Novena di Natale, traditional (Sicily)

Audio excerpt and video still were recorded on December 13, 2021 in the Docent Gallery at the Memorial Art Gallery. Videography: Megan Metté. Multichannel sound recording & mix: Henry Birdsey.

Senso di Voce
at Hallwalls! Oct 18 2021

John Mueller: Afternoon Cartoons &
Senso di Voce: Megan Kyle & Esin Gunduz

*Video excerpts will be up soon:
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Senso di Voce
at Exit Points!
Sep 30 2021

…an electroacoustic free-improvisation concert series
curated monthly by Michael Palumbo and held online.

The Exit Points Discord server is a great community for improvisers
that Senso di Voce is very happy to have joined in!

Poster design: Michael Palumbo, artistic director of Exit Points


Sounding Spaces ©2021
Sound Installation for six speakers

for Play/Ground August 5 & 18 Sunday 2021

An immersive six-speaker sound installation
that embodies musical resonances
across time, geography, and genre!

“While our live performances have worked in linear time, in this six-speaker surround environment time is collapsed: multiple fragments of material are heard simultaneously, moving and changing to draw out powerful connections in the music.”

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“We were vibrating within the Silos together -although we were not there-, reminiscing the interfering vibes of several centuries while rooting ourselves in the now-ness of what is happening…around us!”
— SdV

Senso di Voce presents:

Interludes ©2019 as part of
the reading event of the P-Queue issue of the same title

at Sugar City Arts Collaborative, Buffalo NY

Senso di Voce presents:

As Above So Below

… with an emphasis on music that describes celestial bodies and astronomical phenomena.

From an ancient Greek song responding to a solar eclipse,
to a plainchant honoring the morning star,
to religious pieces glorifying heaven’s abundance,
these works showcase humanity’s fascination with the sky,
both sacred and secular.

at Silo City Buffalo NY


Senso di Voce at Silo City

at Silo City Buffalo NY


Senso di Voce at Silo City

at Silo City Buffalo NY