Senso di Voce is honored to be one of the Chamber Music America Classical Commissioning* awardees for 2021!

CMA Awards Nearly $1.3 Million in Grant to the Small Ensemble Music Field – Nichole Knight, August 23, 2021

Senso di Voce vocalist and composer Esin Gunduz
is writing for the duo, a twenty-minute long original music
that is inspired by the philosophy of Ibn ‘Arabî (1165–1240).

*This commission has been made possible
by the Chamber Music America Classical Commissioning Program,
with generous funding provided by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Senso di Voce,

Sounding Spaces: Passage

six speaker sound installation
sound exciters, amplifiers, foam board, wire
15’42” minutes, looped

at the Frontispace Gallery at the Art and Music Library of University of Rochester
Feb. 10 – Mar. 3

Our music has always sought to build transformative passageways:
to join ancient and new, to connect across geographies and cultural traditions, to weave together the familiar and unfamiliar. In Frontispace we have the opportunity to create inside a literal passageway, a space that carries visitors through an art experience as they travel to and from the Art and Music Library.

We have chosen to generate the sounds of the installation using exciters,
a type of audio transducer that amplifies sound by generating vibrations in physical surfaces. These transducers and their resonators form an additional passageway, as the recorded sounds of our duo are transformed from electrical signals through the motion of each exciter into the vibrations of six foam board squares. Finally, the squares are positioned all around the gallery, passing the sound through the acoustical space of the gallery room itself.

During each step,
the conversion is imbued with the characteristics of the object doing the converting, and so the resulting sounds are indelibly changed. A visitor walking through the space will hear the sonic results of these transformations in a spatialized way, with the sounds interacting and changing as the visitor moves.

Sounding Spaces: Passage in Frontispace
extends the passages we build in our live performances, through new layers of transforming materials, to create an experience that resonates the transitional space between the past and the now.

— Open to visitors between Feb. 10 – Mar. 3. Please note that the visitors to UR’s campus are currently required to wear an N95 or KN95 mask.

Senso di Voce
in collaboration with Rochester’s Memorial Art Gallery (MAG)



a virtual concert inspired by the exhibition: “Renaissance Impressions: Sixteenth-Century Master Prints from the Kirk Edward Long Collection.

The exhibition explores the emergence and transformative impact of the print medium on the visual culture of Renaissance Europe, and was on display at MAG from November 14, 2021 through February 6, 2022.

In Sonic Impressions,

Senso di Voce presents a musical program that reflects and recontextualizes selected artworks from the “Renaissance Impressions” exhibition, highlighting aesthetic links among the sacred, the grotesque, and the sublime in this extraordinary print collection.

Recorded December 13, 2021 in the Docent Gallery at the Memorial Art Gallery. Videography: Megan Metté. Multichannel sound recording & mix: Henry Birdsey.

Concept, program curation, and performance by Senso di Voce ©2022.

Artwork photos by: Lee Fatherree. Courtesy American Federation of Arts.

To watch us talk about our process, you may see:

A Sound Installation for Play/Ground!

While our live performances have worked in linear time,
in this six-speaker surround environment, time is collapsed:
multiple fragments of material are heard simultaneously,
moving and changing to draw out powerful connections in the music.

Sounding Spaces ©2021 (excerpt reduced to stereo) 15 min. total

An immersive six-speaker sound installation that embodies musical resonances across time, geography, and genre.

— conceptualized by Senso di Voce & created from earlier recordings and mixed for six speakers by Esin Gunduz.

Interludes ©2019 (excerpt) several interludes / movements

— written for Senso di Voce by composer Esin Gunduz.

New Video Release!

Enjoy our summer 2018 performance:
As Above So Below,
recorded live at Silo City, Buffalo NY.

Our work is about resonances, physical and metaphorical.

Throughout our interpretations of early music from Western and non-Western traditions, we illuminate connections of timbre, gesture, sensation, and embodied emotional impact in order to bridge apparent divides of history and geography.

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This video was filmed and edited by Megan Metté & multi-channel audio was recorded and mixed by Henry Birdsey.

“There is a sense after experiencing their work,
that you have seen something special, even magical.”

Claire Schneider, Executive Director, C.S.1 Curatorial Projects

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Prefer audio only?

Our performance weaves through the monumental space of Silo City, continually shifting the direction and proximity of sound in relation to the audience. If you’d like to enjoy the audio-only experience of this recording, you can find it on our SoundCloud:

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